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Corporate Security

Risk Solutions has extensive experience in corporate security, executive services and have managed a range of both high and low profile operations. Our intimate knowledge of local tendencies and close liaison with security resources and law enforcement agencies ensure that all our bases are covered.


Special Events

Risk Solutions can provide uniformed, suit or plain clothed operators for any event. Our special event operators are available for sports events, concerts, trade shows, rallies, protests and any other event where public disorder may arise. All operators are trained in crowd control and event management and have strong interpersonal skills to effectively deal with the public.


Executive Protection

In today’s corporate environment, the world is becoming an ever more complicated place to do business. Kidnappings, crimes of violence and intimidation are occurring on a daily basis and are not always reported by the international media. To mitigate the risk, Risk Solutions can provide qualified and experienced executive protection operators. Our services are customized for maximum protection and minimum disruption to promote business continuity.


Witness Protection

Key elements and witnesses are crucial for police and/or judicial services. At Risk Solutions we provide complete witness protection, including safe houses and round-the-clock surveillance. Discreet transport and escorting services are also included.


Protective Drivers

When clients do not require the full executive protection services, we can provide protective drivers for a variety of functions. The experienced protective driver can assist in transport, special events, speaking or public appearances, and other itineraries that may not require a full protection team. All protective drivers are close protection specialists.


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Solutions Risque offers professional and flexible services from Montreal private investigations to corporate security that can be customized to best address your needs.

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