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We provide our clients with a broad range of surveillance solutions. From insurance claims to family law investigation, our team of highly experienced Montreal private investigators delivers reliable, timely and discreet information. Our experience includes but is not limited to surveillance operations for insurance companies, CSST, criminal and civil litigation

Pre-Employment Screening

Before deciding on a long-term commitment, a background investigation would be of added value in validating the facts. From making a hiring decision or partnering on a project, our investigative team can help you gain confirmation and information to fully qualify your decision-making process.

Electronic Countermeasures

The proliferation of electronic surveillance devices is at an all-time high. With most mobile phones incorporating recording devices and the vast amount of “spy” gadgetry available to anyone online, the threat of corporate-espionage has never been greater. Be they in your offices, boardrooms and/or communications systems, our highly experienced professional team of technicians provides the highest standards of debugging and electronic sweeps which remove and/or disable these devices and secure your facilities.

Corporate Counter-Intelligence

We develop custom tailored strategies around your unique business model. A detailed security audit will allow us to implement proper procedures and protocols that will prevent the unlawful and accidental loss of key business information.



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Due Diligence Investigations

We believe that local information is in itself a valuable commodity to foreign investors. We offer political and economic risk assessments tailored to clients’ immediate requirements that are advantageous to those testing or visiting markets for investment purposes.

Undercover Operations

Sometimes the only way to investigate subversive activities, internal theft and substance abuse on company property is through undercover operations. Our company has extensive experience and our operatives have successfully infiltrated various environments on our client’s behalf. We can supply undercover operators for almost any situation.

Fraud/Theft Prevention

Fraud and internal theft cost businesses millions of dollars in losses annually. Employee theft can range from theft of time, fraudulent expense reports, cashiers skimming cash, or in extreme cases, products being stolen by the truckload. Should you have cause to believe that your business may be the victim of internal theft, contact Risk Solutions to have our Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) assess and resolve the issue with utmost professionalism.

Witness Interviews

When an incident occurs, there will be as many different versions of events as there are witnesses relaying them. Being able to ask the right questions in the right way is the only way of determining how the actual events unfolded.

Advisory Services

Our security consultants are experts in risk assessment, risk analysis and risk control. Through our advisory services, consultants will provide you with the most comprehensive and customized plan and direction, to help you achieve your objectives.

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Solutions Risque offers professional and flexible services from Montreal private investigations to corporate security that can be customized to best address your needs.

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